Sponsor 2021

Sakubara Academy and Iglesia Pentecostal Unida will be hosting the first ever Sakubara Invitational.

The Sakubara Invitational an online, invite only, martial arts tournament. It will be held during the month of May, ending on the 29th. On the 29th, a video will premier and announce the results. There will be sponsorship placements in the video and on the back of the tournament shirt.

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida will handle the sponsorships, which will be tax deductible. Funds will be used for the purchases of required equipment, medals, and set up costs.

The deadline to enter the sponsorship pool is April 16, 2021 at 11:59 PM. The sponsor with the most entries in the sponsorship pool will be the platinum sponsor for the tournament.

Final results may differ from examples shown here


March 15 – April 16Sponsorship registration period
March 15 – April 23Judge registration period
April 25Shirts available for order
May 2 – 15Competitor registration period
May 16 – 22Judging
May 23 – 28Medals shipped
May 29Video premier / results announced

Stream Example

This is an example of what a division in the final video may look like.

Shirt Mockup

Front of shirt
Back of shirt

Final result may appear different. Sponsors will be ranked by entries in the sponsorship pool, then alphabetically for any ties.

How the Sponsor Pool Works

Because this is the very first tournament of its kind, sponsorships will be different. Until a tournament occurs, it is unknown how many competitors will attend.

To provide a fair solution, we will be having a sponsorship pool. All sponsors that donate $100 or more will enter the sponsorship pool. Increments of $100 will count as that many entries. So $357 will count as three entries.

Once the pool entry closes, each sponsor will have a percentage of the final pool count. This called a pool percentage. After the competitors separated, there will a final amount of divisions. A sponsor’s pool percentage will determine the amount of divisions they will receive. These divisions will be distributed at random.


After all competitors are separated, there are 100 divisions. Four sponsors contributed into a sponsorship pool with a total of 30 entries. The pool percentage for each sponsor then determined the amount of divisions a sponsor received.

SponsorEntriesPool PercentageCalculationDivisions Received

Platinum Sponsorship

From the example given above, Sakami has the most entries in the sponsorship pool. They will be the platinum sponsor for the tournament. Their name will appear under the logo for the Sakubara Invitational.