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March 23rd, 2024 at 11 AM

Palmview Parks & Recreation
406 W Veterans Blvd, Palmview, TX 78572



Competitors will have the opportunity to showcase their techniques by breaking wooden boards with their bare hands and feet. This is an opportunity to showcase not only physical strength, but also the control and focus that is integral to Tae Kwon Do.


Competitors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of traditional Tae Kwon Do patterns in front of a panel of judges.


Point sparring involves two competitors scoring points by making contact with the other competitor. These contacts are scored by the judges and awarded points.

Continuous Sparring

Unlike point sparring, there is no pause in the action when contact is made. For the Sakubara Invitational, scoring is determined by sensors embedded in the protective gear.

Capture The Flag

Not ready yet for sparring? Capture the flag is a great way for new competitors to get started.

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What’s New For 2024

Gold For 1st

Competitors who win first place in the sparring competitions will receive a Goldback, in addition to their first place medal.

Electronic Scoring

For sparring events (ages 7 and up), electronic scoring will be used wherever possible.

School Award

The school with the most online registrations will a one of a kind award.

Dragon Shirt

It’s the year of the dragon!

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When’s The Tournament?

March 23rd, 202411 AMPalmview Parks & Recreation

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